Sydney S3
Voice Actor(s) oo7nightfire
Status Active
First Appearance The Gang's All Here
Occupation Chancellor
Affiliation(s) ONC
Armor color(s) Silver with Purple Trim
Weapons Plasma Rifle
Full name Archer Sydney
"There’s still a few adjustments that need to be applied but I assure you, it’s fully prepped for testing! You wanted it done fast, these are the results you get!"
—Sydney to Winters in Early in the Mourning

Vice Chancellor Archer Sydney is the vice-chancellor of the Ordinance Nationality Corporation and makes his first appearance in the episode The Gang's All Here.


Unlike Winters, Sydney is shown to be a bit more nervous and timid, hesitating when speaking to his colleague. Sydney may actually be somewhat intimidated by Winters, due to the latter's methods and demeanor. He is also shown to be very confident, though does not show much assertiveness when speaking to Winters. However, in Early in the Mourning, Sydney does show his assertive side after one of their men died when testing the Life Saver pod. When Winters accused Sydney for being responsible Sydney fought back, clearly disliking Winters' methods.