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Intro-Mind Productions, formerly known as Bus Stop Productions, is a production alias created by oo7nightfire. Intro-Mind Productions currently makes machinima and live action videos on the video hosting website YouTube.


  • Sandguardians (2011-Present) - Original machinima series.
  • RT Shorts: Halo Style (2011-Present) - Rooster Teeth shorts recreated through the Halo engine.
  • Toy Story Live (2012-Present) - Original live action/machinima series.
  • Specter-Morph (2013-Present) - Original machinima series.
  • Halo Reviews (2011-2012) - reviews recreated through the Halo engine.



  • The company name, Bus Stop Productions, originates from a comic oo7nightfire had drawn in late 2009 called "Bus Stop".


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