Voice Actor(s) oo7nightfire
Status Active
First Appearance Welcome to Sandbox!
Occupation Private; Guardian
Affiliation(s) Sandbox Blue Team; Guardians
Armor color(s) Blue
Weapons Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, Magnum
Full name Dax Shepard
"When I first signed up, I never imagined I would be fighting another group of soldiers in a desert for- who knows for what. I was afraid I'd be stuck here for the rest of my life. But now, my ticket out of here is waiting outside our base; the answer to my dream."
—Dax (Another One Down)

Private Dax Shepard is one of the main characters in the Bus Stop Productions machinima Sandguardians. He was first seen in Episode 1, battling against an enemy soldier alongside his teammate Ichabod.


Dax and Icky run

Dax in the Halo: Reach engine.

Dax is the most enthusiastic of all the soldiers in Sandbox, constantly being first in line for an adventure. He is very open-minded and always acts true to himself and his team. However, his gung-ho attitude sometimes causes trouble for him and others around him. Dax can also be irrational, usually acting without thinking. In Episode 4, Dax quickly decides to go investigate the Banshee, without taking the possible dangers it may hold into account. In Episode 12, Dax decides to go leave with Seal, but doesn't have a secure plan to help them depart from Sandbox. Dax is also very strong-willed, and will usually stand by his own beliefs. This trait has been shown several times throughout the series and has brought Dax some success.


Dax seems to be exceptionally skilled in combat, being able to hold his own against Gates, during Episode 1, while low on ammunition. When Dax discovered the alien in Episode 7, he managed to knock him out with two grenades, despite the fact that he was completely frightened to death. Dax has also been seen to have experience driving a Warthog, as seen in Episodes 17 & 19. Dax was also able to successfully eliminate an ONC soldier in episode 25.

Running GagsEdit


Surfacing in Season 2, Dax constantly suggests to Seal and Jason about music he wants to play. He feels that their journey to the Guardian rendezvous will be more exciting if they play some music. However, this annoys Jason greatly, who in return, constantly tells Dax to turn the music off and rejects all of Dax's music suggestions.



Dax seems to respect Legend greatly, mostly due to Legend's experience in the Great War, which is something Dax has always yearned for. He is also slightly intimidated by his demanding attitude, but can occasionally stand up to him. He did just that in Episode 12, during an argument about the alien. Dax also may have lost some respect for Legend, due to the heated argument.


Dax and Ichabod

Although he seems to be annoyed by him, Dax is usually seen spending a lengthy amount of time with Ichabod. He sees Icky as a smart ass, due to his constant unenthusiastic an sarcastic remarks. It can be added that Dax and Icky are always on opposite terms towards things and have different points of views. For example, in Episode 4 Dax wanted to investigate the Banshee, but Icky suggested the team stay inside the base; in Episode 12 Dax wanted to help Seal, while Icky wanted to kill him. One could say Icky's personality is the opposite of Dax's.


Jason and Dax

Dax and Jason seem to get along very well, sharing a similar passion and interest in war. In Episode 12, despite being reluctant & unsure at first, Jason proudly agreed to accompany Dax on his journey with Seal. During their journey, however, Jason at times becomes very annoyed by Dax's actions and statements. When the three encounter Nash, Jason becomes annoyed when Dax requests to ride with her on her Mongoose and this later escalates into an argument between the two in Revolution, where Dax confesses that Jason is uptight at times. Dax later apologizes and the two reconcile in Plan B.


Seal and Dax have a very friendly relationship with each other. On most occasions, Dax seems to always agree with Seal's ideas, seeing him as heroic and adventurous; one can say that Dax admires Seal in a way and sees him as his answer for a better purpose. Dax may also see Seal as a celebrity or authority figure, showing concern when Seal is unhappy.


Dax was very frightened by Nash at first, since the latter held him at gunpoint. However, when he discovered her true nature and occupation, he mellowed down to her. Nash also has great trust in Dax during battle, as she usually pairs up with him during a fight or tells him to perform a certain physical task.


  • Dax is the first character seen in Sandguardians and is also the first character to speak.
    • Ironically, Dax is the first character to speak and appear in both seasons 1 and 2 of the series.
  • In the first & second episodes, Dax featured a Red stripe on his armor, though from the fourth episode onward he is fully blue. It is unknown why the stripe was there, likely just a production error.
  • Dax seems to be a huge fan of both Red vs. Blue and Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Dax's name is not to be confused with actor Dax Shepard.