Desert Soldier
Desert Soldier
Voice Actor(s) oo7nightfire
Status K.I.A
First Appearance The Guy in White
Last Appearance The Guy in White
Occupation ONC Sandtrap soldier
Affiliation(s) ONC
Armor color(s) Steel with Tan trim
Weapons Magnum, Spartan Laser

The Sandtrap desert soldier is a minor character in Sandguardians. He was killed by a mysterious white soldier in Episode 11.


The desert soldier seems to have a very arrogant and demanding attitude, ordering the white soldier during their first encounter. During his conversation with the white soldier, the desert soldier acted very disrespectful towards the him, mocking him and barking orders throughout. The soldier also seems to be very cocky, not taking the fact that a soldier is in a restricted area seriously. He toys with the white soldier and points a gun at him, in order to make him feel threatened & make himself feel in control.

However, the white soldier keeps a calm & intimidating attitude throughout, which frustrates the desert soldier. After the white soldier asked him about a crashed Phantom, the soldier nearly tells him, but stops himself. As he prepares to shoot the white soldier, the white soldier pulls out an energy sword and ends the desert soldier's shenanigans by killing him.


  • The desert soldier is the first character to die in Sandguardians.

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