Goon dead
Voice Actor(s) None
Status KIA
First Appearance Service Unavailable
Occupation Guardian Pilot
Affiliation(s) Guardians
Armor color(s) Teal with Yellow trim
Full name Unknown
"I'm so sorry Goon."
Seal Vladaam in regards to Goon's death

Goon is a minor character in Sandguardians and only made an appearance in Service Unavailable.


Before his death, Goon was once a pilot for the Guardians and would escort them to and from their missions. He agreed to help Seal on a personal mission to find McGrath, but the two crashed their Phantom at a desert and were then attacked by ONC soldiers. As they soon became overwhelmed, Goon managed to help Seal escape on a Banshee, but Goon died in the process.


  • The idea of Goon being a pilot was inspired by the character Four Seven Niner, from Red vs. Blue.