The AV-14 Attack VTOL, or the Hornet, is an assault/reconnaissance aircraft featured in Sandguardians.

Role in PlotEdit

The Hornet first appeared in the episode It Came From Above, when Legend used it to fight off Gates in the Warthog. Later, the Hornet is discussed as an option for Seal to leave Sandbox, but does not have another major role until Substitution, when it drops off Blue Team's engineer Ollie Johnson. It is then shot down by the Guardian towers.

In, High in the Sky, Seal, Dax, and Jason are attacked by a desert soldier flying a Hornet. Seal quickly deals with this by destroying the Hornet and killing the pilot. The Hornet next appears in The Battle Rages On when Legend uses it to battle the Guy in White. A Hornet then again appeared in Plan B, chasing after Seal and Dax in a Warthog but was quickly destroyed.


  • Four Hornets have appeared in the series, and all four have been destroyed.