Sandguardians Episode
Sandguardians Episode 5
Episode no. 5
Airdate August 3, 2011 (Original)
December 23, 2011 (Remastered)
Running time 5:35

Sandguardians Season 1
November 27, 2011 - April 21, 2012

  1. Welcome to Sandbox!
  2. It Came From Above
  3. Did I Do That?
  4. The Mysterious Beyond
  5. Maintenance
  6. Beyond the Mysterious Beyond
  7. Reese's Pieces
  8. Manual Labor
  9. Strange Encounters
  10. Exposition
  11. The Guy in White
  12. Another One Down
  13. Planning Ahead
  14. Insult and Injury
  15. War Machine
  16. Go, Go, Go!

Maintenance is the fifth episode of the machinima Sandguardians.


The episode begins at Blue base where a brown armor colored soldier is seen running inside; he states his name to be engineer Thomas. Thomas enters the base but finds it unoccupied (unaware that the Blue Team have fled towards the Banshee). He begins to search more thoroughly, but is still unable to find anyone. Thomas suddenly spots a destroyed Warthog at Red base. Thinking he was at the wrong base this whole time, Thomas goes through the teleporter & heads for Red base.

Meanwhile, Miller is seen outside trying to get in contact with Headquarters. Thomas walks up to him & proudly introduces himself. He tells Miller about their need to get a busted vehicle fixed. However, Miller replies to that saying the Reds' radios were offline making it impossible for them to call HQ. Feeling unsure, Thomas tells him that he specifically got a call to report to Private Jason. Miller, realizing that the Blues called Thomas originally, takes this oppurtunity to the Red Team's advantage by saying he is Private Jason. Miller shows Thomas the Warthog, and Thomas briefly inspects it. After inspecting, he announces the price of being: 900cR. Miller gets the money from Wilbur and pays him. As the two converse, Thomas tells Miller about the Blue base being unoccupied. Excited by this, Miller asks how long the parts will arrive. Thomas tells him that the Pelican dropping off the parts will arrive in 30 minutes; angering Miller.


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  • Thomas reveals his full name to be: Thomas Hubbard Newman, a reference to the composer/conductor Thomas Newman.
  • Continuity: During Episode 2, the Warthog lost 2 of its wheels when it was first destroyed. However, in this episode, all 4 wheels are present.

Differences between Original version and Remastered versionEdit

Original Remastered
Running Time: 6:08 Running Time: 5:35
Does not include Wilbur or Gates Includes Wilbur and Gates
Video resolution up to 720p Video resolution up to 480p
Contains no music Contains music
Original dialogue New/added dialogue
Warthog repairinng price: 1600 cR Warthog repairing price: 900 cR

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Sandguardians Episode 5

Sandguardians Episode 5