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Sandguardians is a Halo 3 machinima series created by Bus Stop Productions.

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Sandguardians Season 1
Sandguardians Season 2
Sandguardians Season 3 poster

Watch the latest episode of Sandguardians!

Sandguardians S03E18 - Forward (Finale)15:02

Sandguardians S03E18 - Forward (Finale)


Sandguardians is a comedic, action, sci-fi Halo 3 machinima series. All fans are welcome to create original content on this wiki. If you need help, check out our forum!

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Current Season

Sandguardians Season 3 poster

The third season of Sandguardians follows the Reds and Blues attempting to find out more about the Guy in White as well as the ONC.


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